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About Us

Electronic Medical Device Design, Development & Manufacturing

Who We Are

ADM Tronics is and has been an innovative leader in the Medical Device Electrotherapy industry since 1969.

As an innovative leader in technology-based production, ADM Tronics produces electronic components, assemblies and complete systems on a proprietary and OEM contracted or project basis for customers from diverse industries. A core competency lies in prototype development, reverse-engineering, forensic design, beta development through quantity manufacturing.

ADMT’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers, researchers and technologists utilize advanced technology infrastructure, such as 3-D prototyping, precision instrumentation and specialized software and peripherals, for the research, development and commercialization of diversified technologies.

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224s Pegasus Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647


A Word from the CEO

Welcome to ADM Tronics!

We are committed to researching, developing and producing innovative technologies, devices and products that help people, animals and the environment.

We strive to create, design and produce the highest quality products. We are dedicated to becoming a world class supplier by continuing to provide superior services to our customers that meet or exceed their expectations.

We value, respect and encourage the development of our employees who join me in our mission as ADM Tronics continues to grow and prosper. I look forward to you learning more about ADM Tronics.

– Andre’ DiMino

President and CEO

The ADM Tronics Heritage of Innovation

ADM Tronics is and has been an innovative leader in the Medical Device Electrotherapy industry since 1969 and its innovative spirit spans four generations. The DiMino family history is one that has had a tradition of scientific breakthroughs rarely seen before. With four generations of geniuses, the family embraces the spirit of innovation and as the ADM Tronics’ business moves forward, it show no signs of letting up any time soon.


Innovation and the DiMino family have a long history dating back to Andre DiMino's great grandfather, Vincent, the first innovator in the DiMino family. He is credited with ground breaking inventions including the water meter and the self priming pump.


Andre DiMino continued his father's innovative spirit, most notably inventing the mine shaft eleavator break in 1914, an invention that prevented deaths in Italian mines that averaged 20 per week. The King of Italy knighted Andre for his contribution to society


Dr. Alfonso DiMino founded ADMT in 1969, but before this new endeavor began, he was credited with the invention of the selenium copy plate that was installed in every copy machine, carbon smudgeless paper, which was sold to NuKote in 1960, as well over 200 other inventions.


Under Dr. DiMino's son, Andre’ DiMino, his legacy of innovation continues as ADMT researches and develops new technologies. Andre can also be credited for the modernization of ADMT's business strategy, an endeavor which has increased growth of ADMT at a rate greater than ever seen before.

More About ADM Tronics

ADM Tronics Inc. was founded by the late Dr. Alfonso DiMino who is regarded by many as a scientific genius of inventions. Dr. DiMino created The Sonotron and The Aurex, both non-invasive electronic therapy technologies.

Under his son, Andre’ DiMino, his legacy of innovation continues as ADM Tronics, Inc. researches and develops new technologies. These devices, conceived, designed and produced in-house include therapeutic and diagnostic medical technologies in fields as diverse as audiology, physical medicine, wound therapy, neurology and urology.

In 1995 Dr. DiMino received The Marconi Science Award and Medal from Unico National. In 2000 Dr. DiMino was awarded “New Jersey Inventor of the Year” from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame. With a doctorate in chemistry, DiMino began his career working for a company that made carbon paper. He approached the company president and presented an idea for a more efficient machine using an electronic clutch he invented. The company enacted that improvement leading to astronomical profits. He was promoted to research director.

Eventually lured away by other companies, he produced inventions and patents including: a magnetic reader for bank checks, a better computer ribbon and an early application for a copier machine. Throughout his career, and in Dr. DiMino forming ADM Tronics, Inc. he was committed to producing only environmentally safe products.

What We Do

ADMT is a diversified, technology-based developer and manufacturer of innovative technologies and products.

ADMT’s core competency is our ability to conceptualize a technology, bring it through development, into manufacturing and commercialization, all in-house.

ADMT has three areas of activity:

Proprietary Electronic Medical Devices

Medical Device Design Engineering, Regulatory & Production

Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Formulations