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Proprietary Electrotherapy Technology

ADM Tronics is a technology leader in innovative, proprietary electrotherapy technology development. These proprietary devices, conceived, designed and produced in-house by ADM Tronics, include therapeutic and diagnostic medical technologies in fields as diverse as audiology, physical medicine, wound therapy, neurology and urology.

Proprietary Products

Learn more about some of ADM Tronics suite of innovative, non-invasive, electrotherapy medical devices with worldwide potential below.  

Harnessing its decades of expertise in medical device technologies, ADM Tronics has developed a number of proprietary, non-invasive, electronic therapy medical devices incorporating state-of-the-art digital, wireless and cloud functionality in various stages of development. A number of these medical devices are in final stages of development and expected to be commercialized in the near future. Each serve significant medical markets, both in the USA, and throughout the world. ADM Tronics’ proprietary electronic medical therapy devices have the potential to treat millions of sufferers of various conditions and diseases while affording the opportunity to reap significant revenues for the Company.



ADMT has entered into a development relationship with QoL Devices, Inc. regarding QOL’s new respiratory therapy and training platform trademarked “Alvio™”. Alvio is targeted for use in non-regulated respiratory training applications as well as for medical respiratory indications.  Over 80 million people in the US and over 1 billion people worldwide suffer with respiratory challenges such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CHF (congestive heart failure), and Asthma. These patients require special breathing monitoring, training, and therapeutic devices in the hospital and at home. Alvio’s cloud-connected devices can serve as an enabler to lower costs and improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care in the hospital and at home.

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Tinnitus Shield

“Tinnitus Shield™” an innovative, patent-pending hearing protection device ADMT jointly developed with Gama Research and Development LTD, also known as Otifleks., an award-winning producer of advanced hearing protection devices.  The joint collaboration between ADMT and Otifleks was to develop a product specifically for the unique needs of the tinnitus marketplace. Tinnitus is a hearing condition commonly known as “ringing in the ears.”  The American Tinnitus Association estimates up to 50 million tinnitus sufferers in the U.S. and 250 million worldwide. The most common underlying cause of tinnitus is inner ear damage, and the most common underlying cause of inner ear damage is noise. Tinnitus Shield™ embraces a unique membrane filter that absorbs sound waves more evenly and creates a more natural sound suppression. This patent pending membrane filter is designed to act as a second eardrum to protect hearing.

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ADMT is re-engineering it’s patented, non-invasive medical device used for the treatment and control of tinnitus, called the Aurex-3®, which was previously FDA-cleared.   The new version of the device will be enhanced to state-of-the-art digital control, allowing for smartphone, tablet and cloud integration, expected to significantly improve patient usability and compliance. Additionally, the new Aurex-3® will include the ability to wirelessly monitor and forward patient progress directly to their physician.  Once the redesign is completed the new version of the Aurex-3 will be submitted to the FDA for clearance.

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The Sonotron is a non-invasive electrotherapy technology used to treat pain.  It uses a novel combination of long-wave RF energy pulsed at an audio frequency to produce a corona discharge output.  The first version of the Sonotron has been manufactured and distributed by ADMT in certain countries in Southeast Asia.  ADMT is in the process of re-engineering the Sonotron with state-of-the-art digital, wireless connectivity to allow for higher patient compliance, ease of professional use and cloud adaptability.  Once the new version of the Sonotron has been completed application to the FDA will be submitted for clearance to market in the US.  The Sonotron has significant potential for use in the treatment of joint pain, such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, TMJ and other painful conditions representing a multi-billion dollar market.